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Property Features

  • Swimming Pool
  • Warehouse
  • Gardens
  • Play Grounds
  • Gym
  • Security
  • Garage
  • Elevator
  • Parents bath

Property Description


Address : BASAKSEHÄ°R  

Investment type : Residence

Deliver time :  DECMBER 2019 1st phase

                          Residance DECMBER 2020 2st phase

                          Shopping Mall  DECMBER 2020 3rd phase

                          DECMBER 2021 4rd phase

Starting of price : 88.000 USD


Details :

"The moment you arrive in Istanbul is the best moment of your life"

A whole different Istanbul… OR 021 new Istanbul This is a road that embraces the past as a legacy and sets out with confidence to the future... You are at a place where a brand new Istanbul is born, where a fresh breath springs to life, and a whole new life begins to burgeon. Welcome to the new Istanbul project.

Because Istanbul deserves the best.

Istanbul must always be as spoiled and cherished as a delicate lover... A new, grand project worthy of Istanbul’s magnificence is arriving to complement the 3rd Bridge, the 3rd Airport, and other such projects. The largest project in BaÅŸakÅŸehir: The OR 021 New Istanbul It rises to add value and grace to Istanbul.


An Istanbul fairy tale...

Once upon a time... There was a different Istanbul, within and beyond Istanbul... OR 021 New Istanbul promises to be a brand new Istanbul fairy tale, one to be told for generations. Its parks blend blue and green in harmony, its lively squares fill your soul with joy, its long-awaited neighborhood culture greets you in a friendly voice.

All roads will lead to OR 021 New Istanbul!

Wherever I go, I harbor a love for Istanbul... Wherever I go, it’s the closest to my heart... OR 021 New Istanbul  is very close to the city’s main hubs, businesses, and residential neighborhoods. It’s also right between the Ataturk Airport and the 3rd Airport. OR 021 New Istanbul promises to be a sensation with investors, with easy access to public transportation, the metro, tram, and buses. OR 021 New Istanbul invites you to a live at the center of the city and of life.

 Metro Kent 2 min.

 TEM Highway 5 min.

 E-5 12 min.

 The 3rd Airport 12 min.

 FSM Bridge 30 min.

 July 15 Martyrs Bridge 30 min.

 Ataturk Airport 12 min.

The 3rd Bridge 20 min.

Europe’s largest botanical park will be your backyard

What’s immersed in the flowers’ scent is the pleasure of the Tulip Era... You’ll forget that you live in a city. OR 021 New Istanbul will be right next to the Botanical Park and its generous display of nature’s most beautiful colors. The Botanical Garden, set to be Europe’s largest, will be built on 368,000 square meters. And it will be right in your back yard so you can indulge in pleasant walks among nature’s wonders...



The greatest valley of BaÅŸakÅŸehir

Blue sky... Blue sea... And the bluest of all is Istanbul’s intense depth that draws you in... OR 021 New Istanbul  Valley is one of the largest and most modern social facilities in Istanbul. It boasts a creek, ponds, mosques, an amphitheater, cafes, restaurants, and outdoor and indoor parking lots. Your children will love living at the 3. Istanbul just as much as you do.

Istanbul’s healthiest project!

“Nothing in the world is better than good health...” Suleiman the Magnificent Right next to the OR 021 New Istanbul , Health City, with its 12 hospitals and a total capacity of 2,682 beds, will be Europe’s largest medical center. It’s just one of the amenities that will make the 3. Istanbul a center of attraction…

City Square challenges you to bring it on.

Eminönü, Sultanahmet, Beyazıt... Wherever you look, Istanbul is filled with parks. The thing that is revealed the most in the city squares is the beauty that defies the whole world... City Square, at twice the size of Taksim Square, will be your next meeting point. It will be home to a palace of justice, government offices, meeting centers, a wedding hall, outdoor and indoor sports areas, walking paths, cafes and restaurants, and a 5,000-capacity mosque. Surrounded with greenery, it is sure to become the most popular spot in BaÅŸakÅŸehir…

Live the good life at OR 021 New Istanbul!

It’s a fairy tale life in Istanbul...Oh, how hard it is to explain Istanbul to those who don’t live here... At OR 021 New Istanbul, every moment of the day is sure to be filled with fun for the whole family. Three social facilities accommodate separate sections for men and women. While you indulge in art programs like calligraphy in the hobby workshop, your children will enjoy doing as they like in the PlayStation rooms. The swimming pools and saunas allow you to rejuvenate and unwind at the end of the day. OR 021 New Istanbul will feature a 1.4 km walking track, the first and only of its kind in BaÅŸakÅŸehir. It surrounds the Square’s stores, restaurants, cafes, and reflecting pools, inviting you for fun family walks.



Privileges that await you at OR 021 New Istanbul:

• Walking track

• Basketball courts

• Tennis courts

• Mini soccer field

• Children’s play areas

• Lounge

• PlayStation room

• Pool table and table tennis room

• Hobby workshop

• Swimming pool


BaÅŸakÅŸehir’s largest green field The fresh breeze of the cypress trees rising above the groves makes living at OR 021 New Istanbul!

Exceptionally cool! It’s a little taste of Istanbul: the purple of the Judas tree, the red of tulips. Ah, Istanbul! The remarkable beauty and color of all four seasons! You’ll experience the glory of all four seasons at OR 021 New Istanbul, with one of the biggest green areas in all of BaÅŸakÅŸehir. Walk with your family among lush green trees and exquisite camellias. Witness the sun’s reflection on the ponds and find peace under the shadow of trees on winding paths.


Whether in a Phase 1 or 2 apartment or at the Feriye Residence, you will definitely find a suitable living option for you and your family at OR 021 New Istanbul.

Life at Phase 1

Eight blocks of homes in three different configurations await you at Phase 1 of OR 021 New Istanbul . Phase 1 is a circle of blocks featuring green areas, social areas, and sports fields. The blocks circle the common areas, creating a feeling of privacy. Phase 1 also features separate social facilities for men and women.


MODA Blocks

The 2+1 and 3+1 Moda Block apartments are perfect for newlyweds with no children and small families. There are five Moda Blocks in Phase 1.

GÖKSU Blocks

The 4+1 Göksu Block apartments are ideal for large families. There will be two Göksu Blocks in Phase 1.

RÄ°VA Block

Riva Block’s 3+1 apartments will provide the spacious living area that families need. There will be one Riva Block in Phase 1.

Life at the Phase 2

The modern architecture of Phase 2 of OR 021 New Istanbul will leave visitors spellbound. Phase 2 will consist of ten blocks featuring three different styles of homes. Here you’ll find everything you want and then some. Phase 2 will feature outdoor sports areas, reflecting pools, and separate social facilities for men and women.


The 2+1 and 3+1 Sarayburnu Block apartments where Life flows fast. There will be four Sarayburnu Blocks, perfect for newlyweds.

KÄ°LYOS Blocks

The 3+1 and 4+1 Kilyos Block apartments are designed for families with children. There will be four Kilyos Blocks at Phase 1.


The Emirgan Block 4+1 apartments are specially designed for three-generation families all living together. There will be two Emirgan Blocks in Phase 2.

Life at FERIYE RESIDENCE Feriye Residence will be a choice for those who wish to live at the top. With options up to 2+1, its residency services include dry cleaning, reception area, and stores. There will be 79 apartments that can be used as home office at Feriye Residence.

The meeting point of OR 021 New Istanbul residents OR 021 New Istanbul Çarşı offers outdoor shopping, cafes, and restaurants, and boasts modern architecture and distinguished design. It’s the perfect meeting spot for residents of OR 021 New Istanbul.

Commerce is a different story in the new Istanbul... 66 Trade Center In the new Istanbul, trade and business life will be vibrant and city life will be robust at 3. Istanbul. With 110 street-level stores overlooking the main street, it will become everyone’s meeting spot. OR 021 New Istanbul Çarşı awaits those who want to succeed in business at the 30 Feriye Residence stores in OR 021 New Istanbul business life.




Residence Prices


Apartment Type










88.000 USD

148.000 USD




140.000 USD

233.000 USD


Flats Prices:

Apartment Type










145.000 USD

173.000 USD




177.000 USD

214.000 USD




213.000 USD

344.000 USD




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Property Id 48
City istanbul
Address Basaksehier
Property Status For Sale

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