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Property Features

  • Swimming Pool
  • Warehouse
  • Gardens
  • Play Grounds
  • Gym
  • Security
  • Garage
  • Elevator
  • Parents bath

Property Description


Address : ATAKOY  

Investment type : Residence

Deliver time : Augeast 2019

Starting of price : 811.800 Turkish Lira


Details :


LONGTIME ATAKOY RESIDENTS ALL KNOW... ATAKOY IS THE SYMBOL OF A PRIVILEGED LIFE. A new living space is born in this peaceful neighborhood that symbolizes modern city life. All of Atakoy’s charms come together with meticulous designs and luxurious living spaces. OR 019 focuses on Atakoy's to keep up with current trends and meet the future needs of city life: it offers a modern layout where life, work, shopping and socializing can all coexist. The winning project in a tender that featured 5 international firms, OR 019 represents worldwide standards in architecture. Its residential, commercial, office and hotel units create a complete living space. With OR 019 , it’s now your turn to be an Atakoy resident.

INVESTING IN ATAKOY IS A TIMELESS CHOICE. OR 019 soars at the intersection of Bahcelievler and Bakırkoy, along the route where a significant share of Istanbul’s education, service and commerce industries are located. The project stands out with its proximity to the Ataturk Airport, E-5, TEM and Basin Express street. Situated near metro and metrobus lines, OR 019 offers quick access to important parts of the city. Its transportation network, residential projects, business centers, hotels, expo spaces and shopping spaces allow you to invest in a district that grows each year. With OR 019, it’s now your turn to invest in the right place.

BEING IN ATAKOY MEANS BEING FAR FROM THE CHAOS AND CLOSE TO LIFE. And now we introduce the best part of living in OR 019 : the proximity to both Istanbul’s leading shopping malls and numerous pre-eminent educational institutions from preschools to universities… OR 019 makes life easier for families and students of all ages. It makes shopping easy and fun thanks to shopping malls situated nearby that daily draw in thousands of visitors, both local and foreign. Additionally, the large hospitals and medical centers in the area offer a wide variety of medical services to meet all your needs. With OR 019, it’s now your turn to live life to the fullest.

ATAKOY IS THE DISTRICT FOR THOSE WHO VALUE THEIR QUALITY OF LIFE. This is precisely why OR 019 was designed to create pleasant interludes in the hectic pace of city life. For those who want to devote time to themselves, enjoy nature and increase their quality of life… A candidate for LEED Gold certification, OR 019 superior approach to architecture, captivating landscaping and green spaces embody international standards. The heart of the OR 019 project, the central courtyard is open to the public, which not only enriches social life but also makes this spot a new and chic attraction in the district with its shops, restaurants and cafes. In addition to providing opportunities for lively experiences outdoors, OR 019 also offers many indoor options in areas devoted to athletics, treatments and renewal. With OR 019, it’s now your turn to attain the life you deserve.

HIGH-QUALITY EXPERIENCES, HIGH QUALITY LIVING OR 019 Atakoy offers options that enrich life in all dimensions. Up to 3500 m2 of landscaped areas and walking tracks place the colors of nature and clean air at the center of life. The fitness center and indoor swimming pool are in the service of those who want to adopt an active lifestyle. The Turkish bath and massage room are ideal for relaxing and relieving the stress of the day. At OR 019, specially designed areas for children are the focus of joy and fun. Shopping streets, parks, cafes and restaurants make life always bustling and vivid at OR 019.

COME ON AND GET OUTDOORS One of the most unique features of OR 019 is the shopping street that is located at the heart of residential life. The open-air shopping experience replaces the overcast and limited air of indoor areas with seasonal beauties and fresh air.

RETAJ: RISING STAR OF THE GULF OR 019 hotel management is provided by Retaj. Founded in 2004 in Doha, Retaj is one of the most well-known names in the Qatar real estate and accommodation industry for its high-quality service. The brand plays an important role in real estate development and management, project management, real estate and accommodation/hospitality services in the markets of Qatar and the Gulf. OR 019 achieves the high-quality standard of Atakoy with solution-oriented luxury hotel services and unique hospitality.

ITS DETAILS ARE UNIQUE Using better materials is the first step to a better life .OR 019 attracts attention with its manufacturing quality as well as its interior design. Elaborately created floor isolation throughout OR 019 keeps noise out of your life. Built-in kitchens, high-quality sanitary wares, elaborate craftsmanship in the cabinetry and window designs brings Atakoy life uniqueness to your life.


The Social Equipments Waiting For You in OR 019 Istanbul:

Child Playgrounds

Decoration Pools

Recreation Facilities

Walking Tracks

Basketball Court

Closed Swimming Pool

Turkish Bath


Dressing Rooms

Sports Hall

Child Play Room

Fitness Center

CCTV & Security





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811.800 TL

1.895.300 TL




1.458.600 TL

1.911.800 TL




1.668.162 TL

11.502.554 TL


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