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OR 003 Bahcesehir Modern


Property Features

  • Swimming Pool
  • Warehouse
  • Gardens
  • Play Grounds
  • Gym
  • Security
  • Garage
  • Elevator
  • Parents bath
  • Metro

Property Description

City: Istanbul

Address : Bahcehehir

Investment type : Residence

Deliver time : December 2019 

Starting of price : 620.000  Turkish lira


Details :

There is a song for each and everyone which takes the man to his dreams.

Even if you put all your goods into a luggage, sometimes you may not go anywhere. Yet there he hears a sound, a song or a melody … He closes his eyes and immediately flies to his dreams. Now this is an incredible moment to turn such brief moments to a life-long dream: OR 003  Bahcesehir.

Where do all those nice sounds come from?

Bahcesehir is the rising start of Istanbul … It is at a new transportation junction in the North west of the city… It is at such a point that in 2016, 3rd Bridge access road and 3rd Airport junction is approaching this region. In 2018, Marmaray and in 2019, Metro will be completed and next to OR 003  Bahcesehir.

Will make a great impression! There are so many opportunities and activities around it that its name will be heard all over the city! The persons exiting its doors will be met shopping center and a lively life. It bears all advantages of being at a central point in Bahcesehir.

Whatever it takes to add new colors to your world is at OR 003 Bahcesehir! It is worth seeing indoors and outdoors with the tasteful cafes, restaurants providing delicious meals and chic restaurants … It is ready to offer a warm and lively social life with its warm and sincere venue designs.

There are many activities for those who wish to catch the rhythm of love! An open-closable swimming pool and closed swimming pool, sports activity fields ,Turkish bath, steam room are available. All that you may need for your health and pleasure is at your service. All you have to do is adapt the rhythm of your life to the rhythm of OR 003 Bahcesehir.

For feeling genuine trust, OR 003 Bahcesehir. 465 apartments and 34 stores offering 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 3.5+1, 4+1, 4.5+1 options were designed within extraordinary approach, and prepared with a unique approach. It was planned with contemporary and technological safety understanding to protect you and your loved ones. Here, while you are living pleasure and comfort, you will feel relaxed and in peace.

Every time you come to your house with its extraordinary landscaping, you will feel special. The flowers at the door will meet you. You will not pass without smiling to them.


Outside swimming pool.

Outside swimming pool for children.

Indoor swimming pool.

Parking cars.

Fitness club.

Sauna .

Turkish path.

Walking path.

Green area.

Super market.

Cafes .


Commercial stores.

Prices :












620.000 TL

620.000 TL




790.000 TL

990.000 TL




1.050.000 TL

1.220.000 TL




1.350.000 TL

1.400.000 TL




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Property Id 30
City istanbul
Address Bahceshier
Property Status For Sale

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