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Bahceshier - Koza

Property Features

  • Swimming Pool
  • Warehouse
  • Gardens
  • Play Grounds
  • Gym
  • Security
  • Garage
  • Elevator
  • Parents bath
  • Metro

Property Description

City: Istanbul

Address : BahçeÅŸehir

Investment type : Residence

Deliver time : This is our first phase. Delivered on 2017

                          This is our second Phase. Delivered on 2020.

 The price : 2500- 3000 USD for Sqm

Details :

OR 002  project in Istanbul and Swiss Hotel which is inside this Project.


No 1:

This is our first phase. Delivered on 2010


No 2:

This is our second Phase. Delivered on 2012.


No 3:

This is our third phase but it is our first Residence phase. Delivered on 2013. This residence is located on top of the Akbatı Shopping Mall. This is the 4th biggest shopping mall in Turkey. Residents have all the hotel services, fitness center.


No 4:

This is our fourth phase apartment buildings. Delivered 8 months ago.  1-2-4th phases are normal apartment flats.


No 5:

This is our second residence phase and the 5th phase of the all Project. The name of this part is OR 002. We have 40.000 m2 lake (pool)2000 m2 beach is located near the lake. There is 140.000 m2 forest in the Project. We are not occupying any forest area, we are building a forest in the Project. We are moving 20-25 years old trees in to the garden because we don’t want our residents to face with small potted plants. So, when residents move to the Project, they will be faced with the 2-2.5mt high trees. Also we have 2,5km long running track under the trees. Parking lots are located under the buildings and the capacity is 20000 cars for 7 buildings.




No 6:

This is our second phase for OR 002 and 6th phase for the all Project. The sales has just started for this 3 building. There is 2100 units in this 3 buildings.


No 7:

This area is the most important area for us. OR 002 World of Sports Center is located in here. This is the biggest Tennis Academy in the world and the biggest sports center in Turkey. We are going to organize WTA Championships Istanbul stage “Istanbul Cup” in here. There is an arena for the championship which has 8000 people capacity. Investments will be doubled by their price after the first championships will be played in here. It is like having an investment near the Wimbledon Tennis Center.


No 8:

This building is OR 002 World of Sport Centers fitness and spa center. Indoor pool and fitness center will be located in here.



We have 175 street stores which is going to be the continuous part of the shopping mall. The smallest store is 30m2 and the biggest store is 1200 m2.  Most important feature of this stores is, we have only one store for each sector. Like only one supermarket, only one bank, only one health center and ext. (we have some exceptions for some sectors like cafes) This part has the biggest profit for investment.


Ted High School:

We also have a school campus in the Project. You can see it at the left upper side. This school is one of the best collages in Turkey. School will give education from the pre-school to college.



Since we will have a worldwide organization, we need to host participants and guests in a comfortable way. So, we are going to build a 5 star hotel. We are going to build SWÄ°SS HOTEL.


Unit List:

We have so many different types units in this buildings. It starts from one bedroom to five bedrooms. 4 and 5 bedroom units are duplex units. I have attached the floor plans as well.


KOZAPARK Swiss Hotel;

 Has 118,000 square meter total construction area  Has 47 floors in total First 9 floors includes 149 hotel rooms and at the first 3 floors there are also some stores 125 of these rooms are standard hotel rooms from 22 square meter to 35 square meter wide, 22 of those remaining are selective suites and one presidential suite is included On the 44th floor there are food & beverage outlets, 45th floor ball rooms and meeting rooms, 46th floor Spa Wellness Center and 47th floor, at the roof, pool located 100 months campaign is applicable If we include the minus floors and the underground parking area, Swiss Hotel block has 54 floors in total. The hotel residences that are located between the floors 10 to 43 of this block are open to purchase. These residential units could be rent out by the assistance of Swiss Hotel Management System. According to the planned feasibilities the return on investment of these hotel residences is comes in shorter process than many investment opportunities of today.


Outside swimming pool.

Outside swimming pool for children.

Indoor swimming pool.

Parking cars.

Fitness club.

Sauna .

Turkish path.

Walking path.

Green area.

Super market.

Cafes .


Commercial stores.


These are Launch Prices

Please contact us for installment payment alternatives

Property Id 29
City istanbul
Address Bahceshier - Koza
Property Status For Sale
Furniture No

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