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"White Paradise" receives 15 thousand visitors within 3 hours ... in the Turkish city of Denizli

A tourist area in the southern Turkish state of Denizli received 15,000 domestic and foreign tourists within three hours as part of the Tourism Week, which opened on Wednesday in the region.

Thousands of local and foreign visitors attended the tourist resort of Pamukkala in the framework of the opening ceremony of Tourism Week, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which attracted great interest from visitors.

The head of the Association of Hotel Owners and Tour Operators in Denizli, Ghazi Murad Shen, said that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism allowed visitors of Bamouk Qala on Wednesday to tour the tourist area free of charge between 15:00 and 18:00 Local time, under the Tourism Week.

He added that the number of visitors who visited Bamouk Castle, during the three hours, reached about 15 thousand tourists, local and foreign.

Visitors to the local and foreign area toured the Pamukkala district and enjoyed commemorative photos, while others enjoyed thermal water and mineral springs.

"The event also provided visitors with the opportunity to visit the ancient city of Hierapolis free of charge, and to get acquainted with the old theater and the ancient tombs.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pamukkala is one of Turkey's most sought-after tourism and medical tourism destinations, with its scenic landscape, Hierapolis' hot water basin, the hot springs used for treatment as well as its tourist facilities.

Pamukkala, known as a hot water treatment center since ancient times, is a destination for those seeking medical tourism thanks to its calcium-rich water and minerals, which formed over the ages terraces of travertine deposits.