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Title deeds in Turkey

Title deeds in Turkey

With increasing interest in property ownership in Turkey, investors and owners of property in Turkey have raised questions about the title "Tabu"
What types of taboos in Turkey? What is the meaning of temporal equivalence? What does the agricultural taboo mean? Can more than one owner share a common title deed? What are the procedures and costs of real estate in Turkey? How is the Commercial Land Registry converted to residential and vice versa ...?
Ownership of Real Estate This study was prepared by a number of official and competent Turkish sources, in which they responded to all inquiries about the title of property and related thereto.
Property title (Tabu)
Is the document regulating a particular property and proving ownership of the property to the person mentioned in the document stating the information about the property and the figures of the real estate survey and determine the location of the property and organize this document by the Directorate of Real Estate Registry.
The owner of the property (the owner of the property) shall not be given the title of the real estate owner (the legal owner). The owners of other rights in the property other than ownership (such as the lessor or current) The real estate can also be given to each of them a special bond, but this does not mean that each one of them gets an independent title to the property, but shows the share of the owner of the bond in the property, where the owner writes the name of the owner of the bond with the mention of his share.
If the name of a single person is mentioned in the owner's name without mentioning a percentage of 1/3 or 1/5 or other, it means that the property is owned by the person named in the bond only. The percentage is that there is a partner and that the person named in the property as much as the proportion mentioned in the bond and that the partners in the real estate are partners in all parts of the property that the partner in the property does not have a dedicated part of the property and other partners other parts, All.
Every apartment within a building or villa that has acquired the right of full ownership or easement is considered an independent property in itself. Each of these sections shall be governed by a special bond.
Types of title deeds (taboo)
There are several types of title deed in Turkey by sex of the real estate, the most important of which are:
Land titles for construction and agricultural land

They are real estate that is registered as empty pieces valid or unfit for reconstruction.
This piece of land must be located within an area covered by the reconstruction plan to acquire the status of a land suitable for reconstruction. However, the acquisition of the land does not mean that a building permit can be built or a project is planned and the building permit is taken over this piece. And its entry into the reconstruction plan where the piece in question may be located on the road or dedicated to a public park or a green area and the like.
As for agricultural land, it is necessary to verify its status. The land or the piece registered in the Tabu bond may be an agricultural land that has acquired the status of reconstruction due to a change in the reconstruction plan in the area while remaining in Sindh (agricultural land) These cases are common, so information must first be provided by the municipalities concerned.
Building Bonds
In this type of taboo, remember the main public property information, without mentioning the information about the independent sections of the property means that the property is registered as a single unit is not divided into separate sections such as independent houses and barns and accessories, warehouses, factories and similar buildings.
Is the taboo bonds that register each section of the property separately, in the sense that a suitable project is planned for construction on a plot of land allocated and then take the approval of construction and then the project is divided into separate sections (such as apartments within the architecture), and organizes each section of a special document showing the location The independent section and the relevant information, without considering whether the project was started or not. The sex of the property in such bonds is mentioned as a land of construction or agriculture because of the non-completion of construction of the project and after the completion of construction and obtaining housing approval, title deeds are allocated to the property.
Concordance and property registration floor
The owner of the property has the right of ownership on the specified floor of the building. The record of the floor property is recorded in brief, proving that the building has been fully constructed in accordance with the building law.
There is another record, called "ortifak?", which is usually used by the construction contractor to obtain the necessary funding for the project. This record identifies the real estate shares and the share of each owner. The title deed is the title of the bond, not the title deed. This type of real estate bond is defined as the stage to be passed before obtaining a full title deed and the easement proving the title of the bond holder in the building to be constructed or to be started on a plot Certain of the land which has not The completion of the project is done after it has been installed in the records of the real estate department. It lists the location and the number of each section of it and the owner of the property. In the case of completion of the project or building with the approval of the housing from the municipality - if it complies with Turkish standards and standards - Full ownership.
Building contractors usually present the characteristics of the building to be sold to the buyer by means of this register in the form in which the features are accurately indicated with the details, but on the other hand it is necessary to obtain the title document because this document enables the landlord to obtain the housing license.
Law No. 5711 of 2007, published in the Official Gazette of Tata