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Solar investments in Turkey

Solar investments in Turkey

Learn about the costs and profits of solar power projects in Turkey

The major companies have been quick to invest in the renewable sector with huge amounts of over two billion and farms producing hundreds of megawatts, after Turkey opened the door for investors to invest in open energy in 2011.

The Turkish government would prefer to invest in solar farms beyond 2017 on small and medium-sized farms, in order to support small investors. Therefore, we will limit the economic study to the projects on the 1 MW only, which are granted by the Turkish government and contracted to buy electricity from them.

Costs of establishing solar farms

It is easy to find this type of land and in a small amount, you need a land area of ??about 20 square kilometers and often the price is between The 6 to 15 thousand dollars.

And the second is the licenses where you can not buy land and install solar panels on them and proceed to sell to the government immediately, you need to obtain a license from 16 government departments, and these licenses are companies competent to extract and estimated the total cost to get by 150 thousand, licenses are always expensive in all projects in Turkey, and has a license for 25 years during which it can produce electricity in all profitability.

If you want to expand your small farm, you must obtain more than one license for several farms, each farm with a maximum capacity of one mega and so on.

The solar panels are the black and blue plates, the largest cost in the project, and need about 4,500 panels solar energy to cover the area of ??solar farm 20 kilometers, and the cost of these panels between $ 900 thousand to one million and two hundred thousand dollars, and can be reduced this cost very much , If you import solar panels for your farm from China.

For example, the world's ten largest solar panels are produced in China. Solar panels have a life span of between 25 and 30 years, which is almost the total cost of the project.

The operating costs are the maintenance of the solar farm, which depends on the cleaning of the panels of dust and breakdowns when they occur, a rare occurrence and a farm keeper as well as a technician visits the farm from time to time to verify

On the proceeds of the farm, the sale of the farm produced electricity of the Turkish government at a price contracted with the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, the farms that were established last year, the tariff that was contracted with the Turkish government, is 13 cents per kilowatt, equivalent to a quarter million dollars a year, At this rate and at the same price and tariff for ten years, the duration of the contract of purchase with the government and can be renewed in the event of termination.

As for the farms established this year, the tariff has dropped to 10 cents per kilowatt, which means that annual profits will be about $ 200,000.

Although the Turkish government has reduced the purchase price for electricity this year, however, renewable energy projects remain excellent projects for investors. The capital is recovered within five to six years

This is a very good number compared to other projects whose capital is recovered over a period of more than ten years, such as buying and renting houses. For example, if you save on construction costs, you can recover the capital for the project within a period not exceeding three years.

With regard to the future of renewable energy projects in the long term, Turkey aspires to raise investment in renewable energy to 110 billion dollars in 2023 instead of current investments estimated at 35 billion dollars, and Turkey does not have natural resources of oil and gas, according to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and there is originally The state is generally convinced that oil and non-renewable energy resources will not last long before countries begin to fight over them.

Therefore, Turkey prefers to produce its energy in perpetual and endless ways, so that the sun's rays will not stop shining on this earth, nor will the air stop blowing on it.